Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Us!

8 years of The Fine Brothers online.

September 21st, 2004 - we uploaded our first official web video.

Like always, we post a blog looking back at the last year, and also to think just how far we have come.  

Last year at this time, a childhood friend of ours passed away and even going back to that realization continues the reminder of how lucky we are, and that everything in this life is short, and we all have to do what we can to appreciate being here while we are here.  In our case, as much as we are so ambitious and motivated to reach higher and higher to get more projects off the ground and to break into traditional media to bring even bigger stories to life and so badly want to be innovating the future of entertainment of which all of you, our viewers for so many years are an instrumental part of, it’s important to stay grounded, and be appreciative for the opportunities we do have.  We are brothers and best friends and business partners, but we also have quite the extended family of now over 1.8 MILLION subscribers.  It’s pretty mind boggling.

Last year we were discussing how we planned to create Teens React , Elders React and Parents React.  This year saw the launch of two out of the three to big success.  We also won 2 awards for “React” including one at the daytime Emmys - what an experience that was to be able to share it with some of the kids, and despite the media not truly understanding who we were, being able to make a speech talking of uniting at such an early time in whatever the web and TV will become, is something to treasure even if we never get back to an awards stage again. We hope bring REACT global in the next 12 months, hopefully we’ll get there. 

This year also saw us being part of the first YouTube Originals program and the launch of our biggest, and maybe the web’s biggest and most ambitious transmedia web series “MyMusic” - and thanks to so many of you, over 200 thousand of you willing to take a shot at watching it, we have quite the success in ways long thought impossible for a long form, scripted series.  The views are strong but hopefully can continue to grow to help us get renewed for more, or bring it to another platform.  

With YouTube’s help on the MyMusic project we grew from just 2 guys in their apartment to a whole office space with 9 employees helping bring the series to life.  It’s a good feeling having people work for you that share in your passion to help execute your vision. So a huge thank you to our workforce of Jon, Dave, Steve, Torrey, Brent, Chris, Anya, Vince, and Sean, our current work force, and to Andie, Aaron, Travis and Jordan who helped get us here, and all our interns and of course the cast and crew of MyMusic - without these people none of this could have been possible. 

We hope we can continue to expand our production company and show the world that may have been overlooking us, that we are capable of doing so much with so little, and once we get that big chance we are going to seize it - not just for us, but for all of our peers to show what we’ve all been proving for so long, that we deserve the same chances as those with traditional-only backgrounds.  It’s also for all of you, our viewers, we literally don’t exist without your loyalty.  Being able to grow and create more content is our way of giving back, and maybe it’s a fault, but our passion to make more and more shows and push ourselves more and more has to do with wanting to be giving back to you the only way we can, by creating more and more.

8 years online.  Not that many of us are around from back then. We have said this year in and year out on this date, that yes we have been part of the story of pioneering this for 8 years, but we are still in the infancy of this medium, where it will take us we can’t predict, but man do we hope you’ll all be there for the ride.  What an incredible thing this is already is for those of you watching us and talking to us for a day, a month, a year, 5 years, or some of you all 8 years - imagine 25 years from now, having been doing this together. 

We will never stop connecting with all of you as much as we can no matter how much we succeed or fail.   We do what we do because of you, and the innovations in entertainment are made for and with you. The time of the creator being above the viewer is old, the new is being equal.  Thank you for everything.  

Here’s to the last 8 years and many more!

Benny & Rafi Fine


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9/21/2012 -


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