Wednesday, April 11, 2012

50 YouTube Spoilers (March 2012) Transcript

Hi, we’re the fine brothers!

And consider yourselves warned.

We’re about to spoil 50 of the web’s most viral videos from march 2012

In one take,

In under 4 Minutes

Starting now

Bubbles! - A baby freaks out with happiness seeing bubbles for the first time. 

Bang! Original – a baby plays dead after being “shot” by an iphone

2 year old dancing the jive – He dances to jailhouse rock! 

2 year old makena sings adele – She sings someone like you! 

Combine grace – a little girl tries to mimic the NFL combine on the tv

What are you trying to tell me? – a guy prompts a  2 year old not able to fully pronounce things yet to say words that sounds like bad words ….great parenting! 

8 year old smokes 25 cigarettes a day – A news report shows a coffee drinking cigarette addicted Indonesian kid whose been kicked out of school for smoking….great parenting! 

Bode sleeping while skiing – a poor kid is sleeping while standing on skis and no one helps him when he falls over…great parenting! 

Why not to sleep at amusement park – Our parents of the month award this month goes to the parents who placed their sleeping child by a water ride in a theme park who gets awakened when a ton of water from the ride splashes him…great parenting! 

The real meaning of MPH – a video from December 2011 went viral in March making a girl look stupid trying to answer how many miles you can travel in an hour if you go 80 miles an hour and we all laugh because we’re such good people! 

Opera duo charlotte and jonatahn – an unlikely teenage singing duo wow the crowd on a Britain’s Got Talent audition

Arrested drunk guy sings bohemian rhapsody – An arrested drunk guy sings bohemian rhapsody…duh!

Flying like a bird 14/14 – a guy flies 100 meters with self built wings but some people think it’s fake 

Go go go – Yasha Swag makes a terrible music video, but some people think it’s fake.  

Drinks a bottle of absolut vodka in 15 seconds – A guy chugs down a bottle of vodka in 15 seconds.  But some people think it’s fake.  

Kony 2012- A very controversial video about making African rebel leader Joseph Kony famous in order to try to stop him from more atrocities, but some people think it’s fake….well kinda….its too complicated to talk about here.

How girls watch tv – Jenna Marbles shows us all what girls do when watching TV

Cops get owned – A guy pranks cops by using a water bottle to trick them into thinking he is urinating in public. 

Angry woman vs. bike – he kicks a car, then the car proceeds to run him over. 

Para nosa allrgrio – A brazillian family sings a classic gospel song horribly, causing the sister to laugh and the mom to leave angrily

Para nossa alegria cover (os simpsons) – Bart, Lisa and Marge from the Simpsons use the audio from a brazillian family singing a classic gospel song horribly causing Lisa to laugh and Marge to leave angrily 

Game on - The Harris family make a country style song in support of presidential candidate rick santorum. 

Will the real mitt Romney please stand up –eminem’s song is remixed to be about presidential candidate mitt Romney. 

Barack Obama singing sexy and I know it by lmfao – lmfao’s song is remixed utilizing obama’s speeches to have the president singing it.

Batman and robin the musical – a song is created using clips and the plot of the horrible batman and robin movie.

The Gossip - Fellow YouTube brothers the Hudson brothers make a funny song answering questions about how girls be.  

Mad Men the game – Play as don draper in this elaborate old school interactive game.. hey.. we made that, good job, good job. 

Chow Down – Drag queens make a video promoting chick filet as a statement against the right winged owned fast food franchise.

Women dumps drumkit to be with statue of liberty – a talk show interviews a woman who dumped her drumkit to start a long distance relationship with the statue of liberty. 

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM – A woman demonstrates being able to buy a cupcake out of a 24 hour atm machine in Beverly hills 

Pen Head – a guy shakes a ton of pens out of his hair. Quality internet video. 

Demential! – 3 guys put paint in their hair and headbang it onto the walls. Quality internet video. 

Human mattress dominos – a world record is broken of people falling on mattresses in a domino affect. Quality internet video.

Milkshake at 100mph – guy on a motorcycle drink a milkshake going 100 miles per hour. Quality internet video. 

Condom Cars – a guy holds a condom out of a fast moving car and it expands to an INSANE size. Quality internet video. 

One pissed off garbage man – a garbage man destroys someone’s garbage can and their mailbox then throw them in the garbage truck. 

lego star destroyer vs. lego death star – huge lego versions of star wars super star destroyer and death star are thrown into each other in epic lego carnage! 

Project glass: one day – The commercial shows we’ll be able to see maps and the weather in our glasses soon! 

Nike Football commercial – The commercial shows soccer star christiano Ronaldo beating tennis star rafa nadal at tennis by using his feet instead of a raquet 

Taxi Dave – The commercial is about a crazy local taxi company guy in sacramento- 

Dollar shave club – The commercial lets you know you can get razors for a dollar. 

Vyautas mineral water! – This epic commercial from Lithuania is about all the awesome things you can do drinking their mineral water. 

Milk thief  - a rat steals milk from a cat! 

The cat unleashed – a car uses a lightsabers to fend off dogs. 

Dog takes a dump on tv - A dog takes a dump during a competition on TV.  (duh!) 

Elephant plays with a galaxy note  - an elephant plays with a galaxy note. DUH! 

An eagle, fox and my car getting along – An eagle, a fox and a pet cat all chill together on a porch. 

Dancing cows? – a bunch of cows are having a dandy of time in the fields after being released from their indoor pasture. 

Mulher toma coice – a woman gets kicked in the head by a cow after helping it deliver a calf. 

Dolphins Stranded – And finally, a bunch of dolphins get stranded on a beach, then all the beach goers step in together to help rescue them, and we all cry from actual good from humanity 


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