Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

This has been a year we never could have predicted. The support from all of you out there allows us to do what we love - create. The success we’ve achieved is not possible without all of you, and we do not and will not ever take it for granted. We hope this only the beginning to success in our careers, and our dreams becoming a reality¬†

This is a new media, and a whole new way to be entertained. Together we are paving the way for the future, where the idea of creators, actors, directors, etc. being so removed from their audience or being “above them” does not exist and we hope to lead the way for it to never be that way again.¬†

We’re in this together, and are very excited for what 2012 will bring. We have been given the opportunity to create a HUGE scripted comedy experience launching in the spring on a brand new YouTube channel, and will be growing our production company to continue bringing you weekly content including new series and old favorites throughout the year. It’s going to be a lot of work, but know it will be worth it.

Stay tuned for a vlog (WHAT! From us?) later next week to give you more info on what to expect in 2012 from us Fine Brothers. A sincere thanks and Happy New Year to you all we hope we do a good enough job of letting you know we appreciate your viewership and support of all the series we produce. 

-Benny & Rafi Fine


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