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Jul 6

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Jul 5

The Light Purple Beast

Material things are not “important” in life but they do become a part of it.

Yesterday, Rafi finally said goodbye to the only car he has ever owned. This forever legendary to The Fine Brothers 1998 Toyota Carolla that became his car when he got his driver’s license, all the way to now.

This car that had no tape deck. This car that had no clock. This car with manual windows and manual door locks. This car that after a locking ourselves out on New Year’s Eve incident and trying to break in resulted in the passenger door losing a handle, and in recent years, a swarm of bees nesting and then dying inside that same door… is now part of the past.

We grew up in this car. We became who we are in this car. We listened to Metallica, System of a Down, The Deftones and yes, even Collective Soul while riding in you. To the concerts, the movies, the sporting events, the friend’s houses… you were how we got to these experiences that shaped us. It was the car that appeared in all our early films.

It carried gear from shoots for nearly 2 decades. It became Benny’s car in Florida while Rafi was in film school and created new memories.

It brought us across the country to our life now. In this car at different times of our lives we picked up girlfriends we loved.In Benny’s case he kissed that girl for the last time in it before she broke his heart.

This car that those who know us well have made fun of. Despite it’s comical issues after its years of service, it always ran… it always was there. It belonged to both Fine Brothers at various times… and hence everyone we know well, know this vehicle.

As it was towed off down the road and to only live on in our memories we both shed a tear. Life is short and we’re never able to go back to when we first got that car… never able to go back and re-live the years that made us who we are. And it is a little sad to know no one else who knows us moving forward will know that car… know one else will be confused how to open the doors with no handles, not know the story of the dead bees, not have gone for a ride in the car that was a link to our youth.

From New York to Florida to California You will always be part of our story. Farewell you beautiful light purple beast.

- Benny & Rafi