Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Excerpts From our Mother’s Diary about Benny

When our Mom as a young Mother, she kept a diary.  She typed out excerpts about observations on my (Benny) personality as a kid.  It’s interesting how emotional it made me reading about my early life, and seeing how so much of who I am was already shining through.  Wild to see how I was with kids even then considering all the work I do with children now.  Anyway, felt like I wanted to share it with you all.  Here is a peak into my young life, compliments of my beautiful mother.

Benny’s very shy. As soon as he’s in a confrontative situation with anything or anyone unfamiliar (including his teacher when she directs a question to him) his fingers go into his mouth, he tries to hide and he won’t answer any questions or talk with me above a whisper. He likes to hold a person’s chin (young or old) when he wants to talk lovingly or personally, or even about something he likes or wants a lot. He hates getting his hair washed, LOVES his brother and sister, cries when I leave him at school but is bubbly happy when I pick him up. He has a hard time eating at school. He disliked school lunch so I pack one for him which he likes more but he hardly eats any of it.

Benny says, “I can’t wait! I want to take a rest with you holding my hand!” I say just a minute he says come! come! then, “eh! eh! eh! Momee! Come NOW!”
— Another thing — When Dad (grandpa) arrived, before he even came into the house, Benny screamed with nervous excitement and jumped up and down an ran into the bathroom and kept happily screaming until Dad opened the door and said Hi. A couple days later dad was playing hide and seek with them and Benny hid in the bathroom and screamed the same way when he heard dad approaching then dad hid in the bathroom and then Benny came looking. DAD screamed and jumped up and down just like Benny.

Benny love loves adores learning - It’s his most favorite thing to do. He’ll learn his Alef Bina with anybody and right now were (the two of us) are crazy in the middle of figuring out “uninvited” the computer game.

Benny has matured so much. he turned 6 and at the same time started eating much more, going to other people’s homes, sleeping more soundly and complaining a lot less. 

Benny is so interesting and complicated. Always figuring out what might be wrong and yelling at Rafi and bossing and defending and complaining. But all with a kooky serious wildness and boy is he smart and cuddly. 

Benny has a depth of feeling and wisdom that makes his eyes shine. I saw him respond to a 2 year old by kneeling down, smiling warmly, and gently stroking her face. I started to cry to see what a gentle and loving person he is. He excels at school, showing leadership qualities. And he is still very very cuddly.

Benny is a stat freak and is working on not getting so down when he is disappointed. He’s doing really well with working on himself to be a better person and he already is great person. He is great with his computer baseball manager game and we just got sega genesis and he’s great at those games.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

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10 Year Anniversary.

10 years ago today we uploaded our first piece of content that was intended only to be online. Prior to that we made various feature films when we were teenagers for film festivals, but the internet, that was the future.
This was before social media was social media, before there was a YouTube, before you even could embed from other websites.  Our site, that we called was the home.  To build a community before we knew there was such a thing.  To bring transmedia entertainment before there was such a phrase.  And it worked, and we have been on this endless and exciting and innovating journey ever since. Here is a link from around that time period of what our site looked like.
It’s hard to fathom that even 10 years ago, we were older then, then some of the amazing and successful content creators today, but it most definitely is an exciting time to be here, to pioneer this new industry, and realize we are still in the infancy of what is to come.
Those who have been watching us or have known us for a long time know what a struggle it was to get to where we are now.  Nothing came easy - we had no automatic hit, or automatic attention from traditional representation.  But we kept creating, we kept working hard, and at least for now, hard work has led to this success we have but never take for granted.
We are now not just 2 former orthodox Jewish brothers, we are Fine Brothers Entertainment.  With a fairly large production and office space, with 18 people working for us who you get to meet on every episode of Fine Time. 
We have created one of the most popular series in the history of the internet with the REACT franchise that soon will be expanding into television.   We created one of the most popular scripted long form series that changed the face of transmedia with “MyMusic” - and hope to continue to innovate how sitcoms of the future can be produced.  Not only that, there are still dozens of other series we made to various success thanks to hard work, dedication, and all of you the viewers.
So here’s to “Platonic”, “Overthinker”, “Innuendos”, “The Epic Saga”, “Last Moments, “LLNRF”, “Kung Fu Grip”, “Garage Sale: Who Will Survive”, “LOST: What Will Happen Next/Now?”, “Harry Potter & The Rejected Scenes”, “Knife Parodies”, “Emo Dad”, and all of the interactive content we’ve made over time, and series long forgotten.   If you remember some of these shows, pretty amazing to think of how fast the time is going.
As we look to the next 10 years, television and feature films are on the horizon. Funding original content from new and up and coming creators to distribute on our channel in a way we wished existed for us when we needed that opportunity.  And hope to continue to collaborate with so many incredible people and YouTube creators which is what makes this space different and exciting. 
The support and work we’ve done with so many YouTube pioneers is a huge part of why we are here.  We can’t list everyone but want to give out the love to our close friend Shane Dawson, who we are so proud to see releasing his first film this weekend (of which there will be many) - to Michael Buckley who always to this day remains such a friend and supporter, and to every single person who has come to appear on YouTubers React or in our projects over time.  We will continue to support everyone as time goes on. 
The entertainment industry can be an agenda filled place with a lot of negativity.  Us and our company strive to not be that way.  And the spirit of non competition between us and all of the celebrities on YouTube is a beautiful thing we hope continues as the industry evolves.  Everyone’s success is all of our success, and I hope we all can remain that way.  Cheering each other on, while continuing to innovate.  
Hard work can pay off if you have the talent and drive.  We should not even exist with how entertainment used to work even in our lifetime.  Yet here we are. 
Thank you all of the amazing people who work for our company.  Thank you to our current representation (Max, Beau, Rodger, Phil, Matt and more). Thank you to our past representation as well.  Thank you to everyone who helped us get here whether you held a boom, acted for us, or helped promote our channel over the years.  And to all of you.. our viewers.. the Fine Family.  10 Years flew by.. we’re ready for the next 10, and provide you with quality content and series across all platforms is our passion and goal.
Thank you.
Benny & Rafi 
Thursday, September 18, 2014

REACT REMIX - Old Computers, Walkmans, Rotary Phones (by REACT Channel)